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NEEMO 6 Journals

Nicholas Patrick
IMAGE:  Nick Patrick stretches his calves.
NEEMO 6 Mission Specialist Nick Patrick stretches his calves in a neutrally buoyant environment.
*NEEMO 6 Journals
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Topside Journal #9

Editor's note: Marc Reagan is the mission director for the NEEMO 6 mission. This is the ninth of a series of daily reports documenting the undersea activities of the NEEMO 6 crew and its Topside Team of supporters in Key Largo, Florida.

Greetings all,

The NEEMO 6 mission ended yesterday morning on a gorgeous, flat calm Florida day. The crew finished deco and were guided slowly to the surface by a pair of safety divers. They "splashed up" at approximately 9:00 am. All were healthy and in great spirits. They enjoyed a leisurely lunch of Thai food and spent the afternoon unwinding and resting. We all participated in the splashup party with many of the local people that have supported us in the last few weeks to celebrate the success of the mission. The party took place at a private residence on the ocean, and we all observed a moment of silence at sunset while 7 white doves were released in honor of the Columbia crew. They circled overhead a few times, and then disappeared into the twilight sky.

Stay tuned for NEEMO 7, our first international mission, which will be focused on telemedicine and telerobotic operations. We are already gearing up for it, as it starts in October.

- NEEMO Topside Team out.

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