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Robert Thirsk
IMAGE: NEEMO 7  Mission Commander Robert Thirsk

NEEMO 7 Mission Commander Robert Thirsk approaches the Aquarius wet porch.

*NEEMO 7 Journals
*Aquanaut Profile: Robert Thirsk

NEEMO 7 Journals

NEEMO 7, Robert Thirsk
Day 2, Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Tonight's journal will be short. I am so tired that all I can think about is getting to bed. Nevertheless I had another great day on the Aquarius undersea habitat:

-- a long dive excursion (more than 900 feet from the Aquarius habitat) on the Pinnacle South excursion line with Mike Barratt to map the area,

-- 90 minutes of Canadarm2 robotic skills simulation (the purpose of this experiment is to measure degradation of robotic operator skills over a long period of time),

-- three media interviews with Canadian journalists who have an interest in the objectives of our undersea mission,

-- video documentation of Cady Coleman's and Mike's telementored laparoscopic sessions. (they both successfully removed their simulated patient's gallbladders with assistance from Dr. Anvari in Hamilton, Ontario. Hurray!)

-- living with five wonderful people who are dedicated to pushing back technological frontiers. I only wish Dave Williams could be with us. We think about him often and admire his perseverance to bring NEEMO 7 to fruition.

Fatigue is overcoming inspiration. Good night all!

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