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IMAGE: NEEMO-7 topside team member Louise Beauchamp.
NEEMO-7 topside team member Louise Beauchamp.
*NEEMO 7 Journals

NEEMO 7 Journals

NEEMO 7, Topside Team
Day 11, October 21, 2004

Greetings all,

The NEEMO 7 mission ended this morning on a gorgeous, sunny Florida day. The crew finished deco and were guided slowly to the surface by a pair of safety divers. They "splashed up" at approximately 9 am. All were healthy and in great spirits. They'll get to go to lunch with their flight docs and will likely spend the afternoon unwinding and resting. Tonight we all look forward to participating in the splashup party to celebrate the success of the mission.

On behalf of the crew and Topside Team, we'd like to extend our thanks to all those who supported this mission and made it possible:

  • Dr. Dave Williams, whose vision inspired this mission, and whose leadership and unselfish devotion set such a postive tone;
  • The Center for Minimal Access Surgery and Dr. Mehran Anvari, for your vision, funding, crewmember, manpower, hardware, and "out of this world" objectives;
  • The Canadian Space Agency, for the mission commander, as well as your help in coordinating and executing this mission and making it a success;
  • JSC's Mission Ops Directorate, for the majority of the manpower that keeps this project alive year by year, as well as your unflagging support;
  • JSC's Flight Crew Ops Directorate, for the manpower, support, and part of the crew;
  • The staff at the National Undersea Research Center for running a world class operation, keeping Aquarius viable, and keeping the whole operation safe and sound;
  • Previous NEEMO crews who helped pave the way; and
  • The families and friends of all of us who've been away so long making this mission a success. We appreciate your sacrifices :-)

Stay tuned for NEEMO 8, a slightly longer mission focused on Bioastronautics and sponsored by the Space and Life Sciences Directorate at Johnson Space Center. It is tentatively scheduled for June 2005.

NEEMO 7 Topside Team out.

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