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Dr. Craig McKinley - bio

Dr. Craig McKinley was born in Shelbourne, Nova Scotia, Canada. He grew up in Eastern Canada, living in several different communities throughout the Maritimes. He currently lives in North Bay, Ontario with his wife Dr. Susan Hegge, and their daughter Samantha. Dr. McKinley and Dr. Hegge are expecting their second child at the end of October 2004.

Dr. McKinley attended the University of New Brunswick where he obtained a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering, graduating with honors. Under a full National Science and Engineering Research Council postgraduate scholarship, he obtained a Masters of Science in Biomedical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick, graduating with honors. He then attended the University of Toronto where he obtained his Medical Doctorate with honor standing. Following his MD, he entered the General Surgical Fellowship training program at the University of Toronto where he graduated as the class valedictorian. Dr. McKinley has been the recipient of numerous undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships including five National Science and Engineering Research Council grants.

Dr. McKinley is Faculty Staff at The Center for Minimal Access Surgery at St. Josephs Hospital in Hamilton, and is an Assistant Professor at McMaster University in Hamilton. He is the North Bay program director of the University of Ottawa’s Northern Ontario General Surgery Residency Program and he has developed a fellowship-training program in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery in North Bay, where he has recently completed training of his first fellow. Dr. McKinley currently sits on the Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Committee of the Canadian Association of General Surgeons.

Since entering private practice in North Bay in 1999, Dr. McKinley’s main interest has been the development of an advanced laparoscopic surgery program at the North Bay General Hospital. He currently is recognized as an expert in the feasibility of advanced laparoscopic surgery in a community hospital setting. Dr. McKinley has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and his most recent interests are in the fields of tele-mentored surgery, robotic surgery, and tele-robotic surgery. Dr. McKinley has the largest experience in the world with integrating these technologies into clinical practice.

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