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  Space Shuttle Main Engine Advanced
  Health Management System (SSME AHMS)

Problem: Today's SSME health Management System is based largely on 1980's technology. Improvements in safety, reliability and operability are limited by this technology.
Solution: Application of Advanced Health Management techniques and state-of-the-art hardware has the potential to increase engine safety and reliability margins while decreasing operability cost.
Initial Operation Date: TBD
Technology Goal: Leverage new technology hardware and software and apply them to Advanced health management for SSME. This goal includes but is not limited to: incorporation of Digital Signal Processors (DSP's) to create a reliable in-flight vibration redline; advanced engine modeling and expert system application to better define engine performance in real-time; improved sensor qualification routines and new-technology sensor application where appropriate.
Goals Supported: 1) Fly Safely
2) Meet the Manifest
3) Improve Supportability
4) Reduce Cost
5) Support HEDS

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