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Advanced Orbiter Cockpit (AOC)

Problem: Current orbiter cockpit limitations are associated with the display, accessibility, and control of information. It is a data-rich cockpit, but provides its users little access to integrated information and limited decision support capability. The cockpit is filled with uncorrelated and incomplete sources of data which require excessive training to interpret and use. The efficiency with which the crew is able to extract the necessary information and accomplish mission goals is completely dependent on this very complex interface, and a highly scripted and labor-intensive series of operations is required to insure safety. In addition, the cockpit is at its limit in terms of information access and control, making future additions for operational capability likely to make the cockpit even more difficult to use.
Solution: The AOC will provide a human-computer interface designed to enhance safety and increase mission capability and effectiveness by utilizing technology to simplify and automate complex procedures that currently require considerable training effort, are subject to human error and distract the crew from mission duties.
Initial Operation Date: Date: TBD Risk mitigation tool=> Reconfigurable Orbiter Cockpit (ROC) IOC: 15 Jan 98
Shuttle Mission: STS-TBD
Technology Goal: Utilize an Integrated Program Team (IPT) approach to provide analysis of orbiter onboard data processing capabilities from the perspective of astronaut information and decision-making requirements; engineering analyses and designs of prospective avionics data processing architectures; prototyping of required data processing functions in the ROC; and test and evaluation of the data processing functions. This upgrade represents an investment in HEDS by providing technology which can be used on future spacecraft as well as synergy with the International Space Station.
Goals Supported: 1) Fly Safely
2) Meet the Manifest
3) Improve Supportability
4) Reduce Cost
5) Support HEDS

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