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Standard Single Payload Carrier Study (Carrier)

Problem: Reduction of PLB reconfiguration time in the OPF utilizing standard interfaces.
Solution: This study investigates the use of a payload carrier that would allow for the standardization of payload interfaces with the orbiter, while still being internally customized for payloads offline.
Initial Operation Date: Study was approved and funded on 11/18/97.
The team kick-off meeting was held on 1/12/98.
Final report to the SSUPRBC will be 7/28/98.
Number of Shuttle mission - TBD
Upgrade Phase II
Technology Goal: This study will define a design concept and determine the feasibility of a generic standard payload carrier for the Space Shuttle. We will look at new developments in strong, light-weight materials to meet these goals.
Goals Supported: 3) Improve Supportability
4) Reduce Cost

Curator: Kim Dismukes | Responsible NASA Official: John Ira Petty | Updated: 04/07/2002
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