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Electric Auxiliary Power Unit (EAPU)

Problem: Current Orbiter APU utilizes hydrazine fuel that is costly, corrosive, and hazardous. Hydrazine APU cannot support Shuttle Program thru 2020 because of long term hydrazine exposure issues, inadequate existing assets, supplier obsolescence, and inadequate supplier skill retention plans.
Solution: Replace hydrazine APU with an electric APU that consists of an electric motor and power distribution system.
Initial Operation Date: Date - TBD
Shuttle mission: TBD
Phase III Upgrade
Technology Goal: Increased battery performance and integral battery health monitoring.
Develop electrical load sharing device to control, optimize, and load level power consumption between energy efficient and power efficient electrical sources.
Goals Supported: 1) Fly Safely
2) Meet the Manifest
3) Improve Supportability
4) Reduce Cost

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