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Landing Aids Upgrade (LAU)

Problem: Maintenance and Calibration of MSBLS ground stations is a significant expense. Orbiter MSBLS decoders may require upgrade in the near future due to parts obsolescence.
Solution: A GPS or DGPS system could meet landing performance requirements, while significantly reducing costs of ownership.
Initial Operation Date: 2001 - 2003
Technology Goal: The NAVSTAR Global Positioning System uses a constellation of 24+ satellites and their associated ground stations to provide accurate, continuous navigation worldwide. A GPs capability is already being incorporated in the orbiter to replace obsolescent TACAN equipment and facilitate orbit navigation. Integrating the signal with the radar altimeter, or adding a data link to a ground station providing Differential GPs corrections could meet landing performance requirements at considerably less long term costs than the existing system.
Goals Supported: 3) Improve Supportability
4) Reduce Cost

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