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Liquid Cooled Garment Polishing Unit

Problem: The decontamination of the liquid cooled garment circulatory system is a time consuming step during Orbiter processing.
Solution: Build three new LCGP .units utilizing current Laser Diode Particle Sensor technology which provides real-time particulate analysis. The LCGP units are used during ground operations to remove contaminants from the liquid cooled garment circulatory system. The new LCGP units would significantly reduce the two weeks cycle time for processing each circulatory system by performing the cleanliness analysis on-line.
Initial Operation Date: Phase II Upgrade
June 1, 2000
Technology Goal: LCGP units with on-line sensor capability have been used in use at JSC for several years. The technology is considered mature and ready for implementation in Ground Operations.
Goals Supported: 2) Meet the Manifest
3) Improve Supportability
4) Reduce Cost

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