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  Non-Toxic Orbiter Maneuvering System
  and Reaction Control System (NT OMS/RCS)

Problem: Current Orbiter OMS/RCS utilizes bi-propellants that are costly, corrosive and hazardous. Current design is welded, and requires considerable amount of servicing with protective suits and bay cleaners.
Solution: Replace toxic propellants with a non-toxic system of liquid oxygen and ethanol. Enables replacement of current toxic APU (hydrazine) with LOX and ethanol and a common pressure-fed design for both systems.
Initial Operation Date: January 2004 (under review)
Shuttle mission: TBD
Phase III Upgrade
Technology Goal: Utilize nontoxic propellants to support the OMS/RCS.
Common components will reduce quantities and allow interchangeability.
Goals Supported: 1) Fly Safely
2) Meet the Manifest
3) Improve Supportability
4) Reduce Cost

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