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  Orbiter Maneuvering System/Reaction Control
  System Heater Test Point Access Relocation

Problem: OMS/RCS heater continuity test requires significant ground ops impact for removal of the AP59-63 and AP59-64 access electrical connectors. OMS/RCS heater circuits require continuity test verification each time copper paths are disrupted per OMRS file III V42 & V43. Approximately 1 hour is required to perform thruster heater tests (2 Techs, 2 Connectors per side). Access to The heater test points is provided by removal of the AP59-63 and AP59-64 access panel doors in order to access electrical connectors on bottom of OMS deck.

Access panel removal requires the removal, and subsequent replacement of numerous tile plugs, filler bars, fasteners and carrier panels. One access panel R&R; requires 64 schedule hours (8 Shifts - Non-Serial to OPF Flow Schedule) and 210 touch labor hours. Approximately $1,350 cost in replacement material (FRSI Plugs) required per access panel installation.

Solution: Heater test point relocated through the "dog house" compartment to the aft vehicle compartment.
Initial Operation Date: Phase II Upgrade
OV-102, J3;
OV-103, F26;
OV-104, F21;
OV-105, F14.
Technology Goal: Extend test point connectors through the existing "dog house" cavity and penetrate into the aft compartment area. Mod would require 2 new wire harnesses (per side) and mechanical penetration in the aft compartment interface panel. OMS/RCS heater checkout could then be performed from the aft compartment without removing the AP59-63 and AP59-64 access panels.
Goals Supported: 4) Reduce Cost

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