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Trajectory Subsystem Upgrade Project (TSUP)

Problem: The existing mainframe Mission Operations Computer (MOC) system has a very high maintenance cost. Trajectory will be the last component on the MOC since telemetry and command (post STS-91 time frame) will have already been moved to the distributed system. Once TSUP is complete, the mainframe will be de-commissioned.
Solution: TSUP will convert the software to the more modern, portable languages, FORTRAN and C using a standard UNIX implementation on an IBM Open Edition mainframe system in the first phase. The use of common UNIX standards in the first phase will facilitate the port of the new system to a TBD UNIX machine in the second and last phase. Supporting software necessary for testing and debugging will also be implemented.
Initial Operation Date: Date: 9/2002
Number of Shuttle mission: STS-125
Technology Goal: The goal is to modernize the trajectory subsystem:

  • Upgrade the trajectory software to modern languages, thereby eliminating the risk of software obsolescence and reducing maintenance costs
  • Redesign the system to eliminate hardware dependencies and allow portability to an open architecture
  • Provide incremental software deliveries to the user community for early training and certification. These will not be operational until an entire flight phase is delivered.
  • Obtain the savings that will result from mainframe deletion
  • Add specific required enhancements in order to upgrade the application to meet the current needs of the Flight Control Team
Goals Supported: 1) Fly Safely
2) Meet the Manifest
3) Improve Supportability
4) Reduce Cost
5) Support HEDS

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