Doug Peterson
February 3, 2000
Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
(281) 483-5914

Release: J00-8


The final of several groups of prospective astronauts will be at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) the week of Feb. 6 for orientation, interviews, and medical evaluations.

Approximately 120 of over 3,000 applicants will be interviewed for a chance to be among those named as astronaut candidates. The final selections for the class of 2000 will be announced early this year with the astronaut candidates reporting for duty in the summer.

The sixth group of applicants includes: Stephen G. Bowen, (Lt. Cdr., USN), Yorktown, Virginia; Jack P. Brazzel, Friendswood, Texas; Adam L. Dershowitz, Ph.D., Houston, Texas; Andrea Donnellan, Ph.D., Altadena, California; Sean P. Gillen, Arlington, Texas; Eric J. Hammer, Houston, Texas; Mark C. Jackson, Houston, Texas; Jeffrey A. Karnes, (Maj., USMC), Lexington Park, Maryland; Michael J. Lauer, Studio City, California; Thomas H. Marshburn, M.D., Houston, Texas; Seamus M. McGovern, Boston, Massachusetts; Brian J. Mork, Ph.D., Stockbridge, Michigan; John W. Ogle, M.D., Palo Alto, California; Peter G. Oswald, (Lt. Cdr., USN), Coronado, California; Nigel Packham, PhD., League City, Texas; James F. Perry, Pensacola, Florida; Christopher M. Rey, Ph.D., Hockessin, Delaware; Jeffrey D. Smith, (Maj., USAF), Quartz Hill, California; Mary K. Solomon, (Maj., USAF), Centreville, Virginia; Nicole P. Stott, League City, Texas; Evan C. Thomas, (Maj., USAF), Prattville, Alabama; and
Julianne Zimmerman, Boston, Massachusetts.

Astronaut candidate selections are conducted approximately every two years with the number of candidates selected depending on Space Shuttle flight rates, Space Station requirements, overall program requirements and astronaut attrition rates.


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