STS-100, Mission Control Center
Status Report # 27
Tuesday, May 1, 2001 – Noon CDT

Endeavour and its crew of seven glided to a landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California today, touching down at 11:11 a.m. central time, concluding a successful mission to install a new-generation robotic arm on the International Space Station, and a journey of more than 4.9 million miles.

With continuing cloud cover, rain showers and gusty winds at the Kennedy Space Center, Entry Flight Director LeRoy Cain waved off landing opportunities there and elected to return to the West Coast where weather conditions were perfect for today’s landing. Today’s landing was the 48th at Edwards Air Force Base in shuttle program history.

Endeavour’s crew – Commander Kent Rominger, Pilot Jeff Ashby and Mission Specialists Scott Parazynski, Chris Hadfield, John Phillips, Yuri Lonchakov and Umberto Guidoni – is expected to remain overnight in California, returning to Houston Wednesday afternoon.

During 11 days on orbit, eight of which were spent in joint operations with the International Space Station crew, Endeavour’s crew installed a new robotic arm called Canadarm2, and transferred more than 6,000 pounds of equipment, experiments and supplies between vehicles.

A public welcome home ceremony for the crew is slated for 4 p.m. at Hangar 990 at NASA’s Ellington Field. For updates on crew arrival time at Ellington Field, please call 281/483-8600.


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