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IMAGE: Z1 Truss
STS-92 astronauts work with the antenna on the newly deployed Z1 Truss Structure.
ISS Assembly Elements

Space Station Assembly

Elements: Z1 Integrated Truss Structure

The Z1 Truss was the first permanent latticework structure for the space station, very much like a girder, setting the stage for the future addition of the station's major trusses or backbones. The Z1 fixture also serves as the platform on which the huge U.S. solar arrays were mounted on the following shuttle assembly flight, STS-97. It includes power distribution components, four flat discs that will be used to control the station's attitude, communications equipment, temperature control system hardware, space walk/extravehicular aids and power, data and coolant connections.

The crew of shuttle mission STS-92 attached the Z1 Truss to the station on Oct. 14, 2000.

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