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Aircraft Dimensions
Cargo Pallet
Cargo Compartment Dimensions

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Power Plant4 Allison 501-D22C Turboprop Engines
Propellers4 Hamilton Standard 54H60-123 Hydromatic
Cruise Speed at 25,000 Feet290 mph
Range with IFR Reserves2,000 miles
Useable Fuel Weight52,500 pounds
Maximum Payload52,500 pounds
Aircraft Empty Weight101,500 pounds
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight154,000 pounds
Maximum Landing Weight160,000 pounds
Maximum Takeoff Weight170,000 pounds

Aircraft Dimensions

Height to top of fuselage36 feet, 8 inches
Height to top of tail48 feet, 6 inches
Length143 feet, 10 inches
Wingspan156 feet, 3 inches

Cargo Pallet

Width8 feet, 8 inches
Length24 feet (single section)
Maximum Length72 feet (three sections)
Floor load limit125 pounds/running inch (cargo rail)

Cargo Compartment Dimensions

Height above ground level11 feet, 0 inches
Maximum width (floor level)13 feet, 0 inches
Maximum width25 feet, 1 inch
Maximum height25 feet, 6 inches
Length (Constant section)32 feet, 0 inches
Length (Overall)111 feet, 6 inches
Volume (absolute)49,750 cubic feet
Volume (Useable)39,000 cubic feet

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