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IMAGE: Expedition One crew prepares to eat fresh fruit.
Expedition One crew prepares to eat fresh fruit.

Expedition One Ship's Logs

Expedition One Crew Commander William M. Shepherd, Soyuz Pilot Yuri P. Gidzenko and Flight Engineer Sergei Krikalev spent 136 days as the initial or "shake down" crew for the continuous human presence on the International Space Station. During this time, Shepherd kept a log of the activities aboard the orbiting outpost. The following documents are these ship's logs.
November December January February/MarchMarch 18-19

November Logs

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December Logs

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January Logs

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February/March Logs

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March 18-19 Logs

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Certain operational, debriefing material has been edited from the Expedition One ship's log. This material has been identified as "Redacted." This material is considered an integral and critically important element of the on-going, deliberative decisional process NASA is undertaking related to long-duration International Space Station missions. This process must include necessary give-and-take communications about all aspects of crew and station performance. To be effective, these communications require absolute candor in discussion that would not be available if parties to the exchange, including intended recipients on the ground and future crewmembers, thought the material might be released to the public.

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