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Don Pettit Space Chronicles

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During his months aboard the International Space Station, Expedition Six NASA ISS Science Officer Don Pettit wrote about the many unique aspects of living and working in space. His Space Chronicles covered everything from spacewalk preparations to his Saturday Morning Science experiments. He also wrote in great detail about what it was like to view the universe around him, as well as the Earth below.

Pettit’s Space Chronicles are listed below, beginning with the most recent addition. Videos of his Saturday Morning Science experiments are also available.

You can also ask the current space station crew a question, by going to our Ask the Expert Web page.

19.Homeward Bound
18.Caldrons Bubble
17.Symphony of Spheres
16.Light and the Production of Food
15.The Invisible Spoon of Marangoni
14.Space Walk Prep
13.Growing Plants in Zero-G
11.The Roots of Exploration
10.Living in Weightlessness
9.Natural Sights
8.Studying Water Films
7.Land Ho!
6.Moving in Space
5.Water Observations
4.The Smell of Space
3.Noctilucent Cloud Observations in the Southern Hemisphere
2.Rotating Spheres of Water
1.Observing the Atmosphere

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