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Station Science
IMAGE: View of a bubble formed as a result of a Zeolite Crystal Growth experiment.
View of a bubble formed as a result of a Zeolite Crystal Growth experiment in the Destiny Laboratory on the International Space Station.
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Don Pettit Space Chronicles

Expedition Six
Space Chronicles #2

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By: ISS Science Officer Don Pettit

Rotating Spheres of Water

It is easy to spill a little water. Perhaps you release some water from the nozzle of our food re-hydrating dispenser, or perhaps from the nozzle where we bathe. In either case, you produce a most amazing array of tiny jeweled spheres, each glistening like a crystal lens as they scatter in all directions. You chase them down with a tissue and catch a few before they impact on the walls. When tissue-contact is made, they adsorb so quickly they simply disappear as if they were soap bubbles that had just popped. You feel a small sadness inside for having destroyed something so beautiful.

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