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IMAGE: Expedition Six crewMilestonesAdditionsScienceFirst PersonNASA ISS Science Officer Peggy Whitson
These photos from the second year of permanent habitation on the International Space Station illustrate some of the year's highlights. In the large image, NASA ISS Science Officer Peggy Whitson checks out her Russian Sokol suit. On the left side, from the top: the S0 (S-Zero) Truss is prepared for installation; STS-110 Mission Specialist Jerry Ross works on the S0; the first space-grown soybean crop nears maturity; and Expedition Four Mission Specialist Dan Bursch works on an experiment in the Destiny Lab.

First International Space Station Turns Two
The "terrible twos" aren't so terrible for the International Space Station. The world's first international orbital outpost celebrated the second anniversary of continuous residency and permanent human presence in space Nov. 2, 2002. The anniversary marked an ambitious and virtually flawless year of expansion and research in space.

IMAGE: Expedition Four Flight Engineer Carl WalzFirst-Person
During Year 2, International Space Station residents and visitors had a lot to say about the world-class orbital facility that was their home away from home.
IMAGE: International Space StationAdditions
Construction began on the station's backbone, a truss structure that eventually will support almost an acre of solar panels to provide more power for orbital research than ever before.
Milestones, Records and Accomplishments
First unscheduled ISS spacewalk
Crew rotation
S0 (S-Zero) Truss installed
Crew rotation
Microgravity Science Glovebox delivered
Canadarm2 "walks off" Destiny
9/16/02First NASA ISS science officer named
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