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IMAGE: Expedition 6 Commander Ken Bowersox

International Space Station Crews Mark Three Years Aboard
In a period that has exemplified the benefits of international cooperation in space, the International Space Station will complete a third year of permanent human presence aboard on Sunday, Nov. 2.

The third year of humans living aboard the station has been marked by the perseverance of the orbiting laboratory and international partnership through the tragedy of the Columbia accident.

"Every endeavour that continuously pushes the boundaries of human achievement can have times of both great triumph and great tragedy. The space agencies and nations around the world that are our partners in the Station understand that and they have experienced it," ISS Program Manager Bill Gerstenmaier said. "The perseverance of crewed operations aboard the Station this year has brought the partnership closer together, and it will strengthen the Station through both the improvements in safety that we plan and the lessons we learn together." MORE ...

Reaching Out
IMAGE: Water droplet experimentBubble, Bubble
During his time aboard the Station, Expedition 6 NASA ISS Science Officer Don Pettit found a way to share his love of science through the Internet. Check out the Saturday Morning Science archives, which include his notes, photos and videos.
IMAGE: Hurricane ClaudetteEd's Musings from Space
Expedition 7 NASA ISS Science Officer Ed Lu shared his experiences in space with a series of letters he called "Greetings, Earthlings!" Several of his letters focus on the everchanging views from the Station's windows.

Members of Expedition 6 and Expedition 7 took time to answer questions posed to them via the Human Space Flight Web's Ask the Expert feature. Also during Year 3, flight controllers at NASA's ISS Mission Control Center in Houston, Texas, began to answer questions.
Milestones, Records and Accomplishments
New crew arrives with STS-113
P1 Truss attached
First two-member crew arrives
First ISS crew landing in Soyuz
Three Russian vehicles docked to ISS
1,000th day of human presence on ISS
10/20/03Crew rotation
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