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Personal Space
Alain Dubeau
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Scout's Honor
Earn it the "Space Exploration" way. Dubeau designed and proposed this new scout badge released this year.

Proposed Scout Badge

Wish Upon a Space Station
The station is already visible to the eye and by end of 2001 will be the third brightest star in the sky. Click here to see it over your house!

Space Shuttle Carrying Canada Arm
Alain Dubeau
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Alain and ScoutsSpace is for Kids
Dubeau is not far from the boy who loved the sky and the stars. His curious nature makes him a great scout leader. He's even created a new "Space Exploration" badge and is happy to show and tell his troops all about the station. He's not surprised by their questions, "Will it work?" And he likes their confident belief that, "Yes, we're going to Mars." He considers his own children uniquely lucky. Once he had two astronauts for dinner and the "next day my son goes to school and says, 'Last night, I was having dinner with two astronauts' and for him, it's just normal, until the other kid says, 'What? You had dinner with astronauts?'" Canada has only seven astronauts, so it's a historical moment when one travels to space (like Julie Payette's visit Alain Holding MSS Arm Minatureto the station on STS-96). Payette is in demand by everyone and Dubeau thinks she can positively motivate kids to pursue their dreams (like she did). As a boy, John Glenn and Neal Armstrong were personal inspirations for Dubeau.

It's a Mission (not a Job)
"I need to enjoy what I'm doing," said Dubeau, "I work hours and hours and I don't count the time. If it's fun, there's no problem." He feels immensely privileged to meet and work with the people that he does. "I believe all the astronauts and cosmonauts--everybody building space station--are part of the dream." SpaceIf he ever gets to space station, "I'd take a window, look at the dark sky, the stars and our planet from a different angle. I'd like to see the planet as a global satellite going around the sun."

Wish Upon a Space Station
By the end of 2001, the station will be at times the third brightest star in the sky. Dubeau loves to watch it fly overhead. Last August, the night before his daughter's wedding, he invited the couple-to-be to just "look at the sky." As the station grew brighter "It was a beautiful huge star coming over Ottawa. My daughter asked me, 'What is it?' And I said, 'Well, that's probably a special sign, wishing you good luck in your marriage in the future.'

It's a good sign for all of our futures.

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