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The "Spirit" of the Station
When the MPLM contract was awarded by ASA, Brondolo created a special wine and label celebrating the unity of the countries. Three angels, dressed in the flags of America, Russia and Italy, signify the great contribution of these countries.

Umberto Guidoni

In recognition of Italy's commitment to the station, the first European astronaut to stay onboard will be an Italian, Umberto Guidoni, in April 2001

Dino Brondolo
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In Partnership and Friendship
Dino's WineBrondolo has made many friends at partnering space agencies over the years. And being his friend means enjoying the good life, too. "I will share the bottle of wine because these people are friends from different periods of the program...and we have had a really excellent relationship over several years."Dino's FatherHe likes to make special wines and labels to celebrate key moments in his career. The most important one--the launch of Leonardo--is coming up. Created from his vineyard's October 2000 grape harvest, "Barbera," a red wine typical of the region, is "dedicated to a special event for my career and for the entire company," said Brondolo.

The Big Moment
When Leonardo arrives at space station, Brondolo will be at Mission Control in Johnson Space Center to follow the initial activation. "Certainly I remember all the difficulties we had but also the pleasant times spent with my team in making progress, making a good design and making a good product...up to the final delivery, the final lift-off and successful docking to the space station," he said. He'll breathe a little easier once the station crew actually enters the module.

Dreams of Space (and Retirement)
Dino's HomeWorking in the space industry has been a dream come true for Brondolo, but he is also looking forward to the family farm. He wouldn't mind, before that, to follow in the footsteps of his personal space station hero:Dino Standing Next to Wine Barrel American astronaut Bill Shepherd. "To go to space is a dream for many people and also for me, especially after having worked in this environment for many years." He remains optimistic. And if he does get to go, you can be sure he'll create an extremely special wine for that moment.

Ninjas in Space?
While the names of the three MPLMs might sound familiar, they're really named after famous Italians: artists Leonardo da Vinci and Raffaello Sanzio, and sculptor Donato (Donatello) di Niccolo DI Betto Bardi.

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