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International Space Station Reference

Ham Radio
Near Term Schedule - Phase 1

IMAGE: Zvezda Service ModuleZvezda Service Module (1R)
  • launched July 12, 2000
  • four module penetrations allocated for amateur radio use
  • feedthroughs shared with Extra Vehicular Activity video system
IMAGE: International Space Station as seen during STS-106STS-106 (2A.2b)
  • launched September 8, 2000
  • delivered internally installed hardware to the space station
  • initially installed in the Zarya Control Module and attached to Sirius antenna system for VHF operation
IMAGE:  Rendering of International Space Station during Assembly Flight 6ASTS-100 (6A)
  • launched April 19, 2001
  • delivered antenna system to the space station
  • antennas were installed during a subsequent space walk
Proton Launch
IMAGE: Launch of the Zvezda Service Module aboard a Russian Proton Rocket.
The Zvezda Service Module, onboard a Russian Proton Rocket, launches at 11:56 p.m. CDT July 11, 2000 (0456 GMT, July 12) from Kazakhstan's Baikonur Cosmodrome.
Space Shuttle Launch
IMAGE: Space Shuttle Atlantis launches to begin the STS-106 mission.
Atlantis launches at 7:46 a.m. CDT (1246 GMT) Sept. 8, 2000, to begin the STS-106 mission to support and service the International Space Station.
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